Upgrading of Grade Pay of Junior Engineers (JE) on Railways ii) Upgrading of Grade Pay of Senior Section Engineers (SSE) on Railways


“In pursuit of justice for Rail Engineers since 1965”

(Estd. 1965, Regd. No.1329, Website

No: IRTSA/Memo/ 2012-4                                                       
Date: 27-02-2011

Shri Pranab Mukherjee,

Hon’ble Minister of Finance (GOI),

North Block, New Delhi.

i) Upgrading of Grade Pay of Junior Engineers (JE) on Railways
ii) Upgrading of Grade Pay of Senior Section Engineers (SSE) on Railways

i) Gazette notification No.470, Ministry of Finance G.S.R. 622(E) dated 29-8- 2008
ii) Railway Service (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 (RBE 103, RBE 108, RBE 124)
iii) Our Memorandum No. IRTSA /Memo/11-2011 Date: 2-5-2011 - Reg: Grade Pay  of Tech. Supervisors (Senior Section Engineers & Junior Engineers) on Railways

Respected Sir,

1. We seek your benign intervention on the issue which awaits approval of
Ministry of Finance since long even after numerous representations by us and
a few references by the Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) – resulting in
serious injustice to Junior Engineers (JEs) & Senior Section Engineers (SSEs)
on the Railways – in respect of their Grade Pay after Sixth Pay Commission.

2. Recommendations of the Departmental Anomalies Committee and Priority
Committee of Ministry of Railways to the Ministry of Finance – made in 2009
& reiterated by MOR since then - for upgrading of Grade Pay of Junior
Engineers and Senior Section Engineers of Indian Railways - had not so far
been accepted by the Ministry of Finance Expenditure.

3. Sixth Pay Commission had created serious Anomalies which totally
disturbed horizontal parities and vertical relativities altogether (as shown
in the detailed Memorandums attached herewith).

4. The Pay Commission had totally ignored the duties and responsibilities of
the Technical Supervisors, towards safe and efficient running of Trains
through frontline supervision and management of production, repair,
maintenance and operation on the Indian Railways.

5. We are, therefore, submitting herewith, 2 Memoranda for your kind &
favourable consideration on the following issues – with a request to grant
following Grade Pays to JEs & SSEs on the Railways to restore the horizontal
parity, vertical relativity and in view of the higher entry qualifications,
longer period of training and higher nature of duties & responsibilities

by Junior Engineers & Senior Section Engineers on the Railways:

i) Grant of Grade Pay of Rs.4800 in PB-2 to Junior Engineers (JEs) on the

ii) Grant of Grade Pay of Rs.5400 in PB-3 to Senior Section Engineers (SSEs)
on Railways.

Hoping for an early favourable decision, thanking you, with Kind regards,


i) Memorandum reg Grade Pay of JEs on Railways

ii) Memorandum reg Grade Pay SSEs on Railways

iii) Six Annexure (I to VI)

Yours’ faithfully,

Harchandan Singh,

General Secretary, IRTSA

Copy for information & favourable action to:

i) Member Staff, Railway Board, Rail Bhavan, New Delhi

ii) Secretary (Establishment), Railway Board, Rail Bhavan, New Delhi

Cilck here to read this order fully
Source - IRTSA.net

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