04 October 2015

On line Issuance of ‘Clearance Certificate’ and ‘No Demand Certificate’ against quarter(s) allotted to a Govt. Servant.

Directorate of Estates
Estate Office
Ministry of Urban Development
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated 2nd September, 2015.
Office Memorandum
Subject : On line Issuance of ‘Clearance Certificate’ and ‘No Demand Certificate’ against quarter(s) allotted to a Govt. Servant.
With the introduction of facility for on line submission and processing of request for issuance of No Demand Certificate /Clearance Certificate duly forwarded by Administration of the office in which the allottee is working, the practice of receiving physical application forms in the Directorate should be stopped by all allotment sections of Directorate of Estates with immediate effect. They may direct the allottees to avail online facility for expeditious settlement of request for Clearance Certificate and No Dues Certificate as the case may be. The procedure for on line submission of request for Clearance Certificate/No Dues Certificate should be on analogous lines of on line submission of DE II form by allottees.
2. Once the application form is received in the portal e-Awas of Directorate of Estates, the allottee shall be able to track the status of his/her request. It is therefore enjoined upon all the allotment sections that they may take all necessary steps to get the request disposed off within a reasonable time. In all pending applications already in the sections which have been processed in file but NDC not issued, the form is to be filled by section and NDC/Clearance Certificate to be generated from online system only. This procedure has to be effective from 02.09.2015.
This issues with the approval of Director of Estates I.
(Lakshman Dubruwal)
Deputy Director of Estates (Rent)

03 October 2015

Re-classification of cities/towns on the basis of 2011 Census grant of House Rent Allowance to Railway Employees.


RBE No.116/2015
New Delhi, dated 24-09-2015

No. E(P&A) II-2015/HRA-7

The General Managers/CAOs,
All Indian Railways & Prod. Units etc.

Sub: Re-classification of cities/towns on the basis of 2011 Census grant of House Rent Allowance to Railway Employees.

Attention is invited to Boards letter No. E(P&A)II-2008/HRA-10 dated 12-09-2008 relating to grant ofHouse Rent Allowance (HRA) to Railway employees on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission whereby a list of cities/towns classified as X, Y and Z for the purpose of grant of HRA was enclosed as Annexure. The matter relating to re-classification of cities/towns on the basis of Census-2011 forthe purpose of grant of HRA to Central Government employees has been considered by the Government.

2. The President is pleased to decide that in supersession of all the existing orders relating to classification of cities/towns for the purposes of grant of HRA to Railway employees, cities/towns shall now be re-classified as X, Y and Z for the purpose of HRA as enumerated in the Annexure to these orders

3. Consequent upon implementation of the recommendations of the 5th Central Pay Commission, certain cities/towns were placed in a lower classification as compared to their existing classification for CCA/HRA purpose, vide Boards letter No.PC-V/97/I/7/13 dated 16.10.1997. However, these cities/towns were allowed to retain their existing higher classification, vide para 3 thereof; and further extended vide Boards letter No.E(P&A)II-2004/HRA-16 dated 17.05.2005 & Boards letter No. E(P&A)II-2008/HRA-10 dated 20.03.2009. As other cities/towns to which protection of retaining earlier higher classification was allowed, got upgraded during the intervening period, as on date only two cities i.e. Ajmer in Rajasthan and Durgapur in West Bengal were retaining such protection. Consequent upon upgradation of these two cities also on the basis of their population as per Census-2011, provisions contained in Para 3, of vide Boards letter No. PC-V/97/I/7/13 dated 16.10.1997 which were allowed to further continue vide Boards letter No. E(P&A)II-2004/HRA-16 dated 17.05.2005 & Boards letter No. E(P&A)II-2008/HRA-10 dated 20.03.2009 stand withdrawn/ discontinued.

4. Special orders allowing continuance of HRA (a) at Delhi (“X” class city) rates to Railway employees posted at Faridabad, Ghaziabad, NOIDA, Gurgaon and (b) at Jalandhar (“Y” class city) rates to Jalandhar Cantt. and (c) at “Y” class city rates to Shillong, Goa, Port Blair vide Boards letter No.E(P&A)Il-2008/HRA-10 dated 12.09.2008 and (d) continuance of HRA at par with Chandigarh (“Y” class city) to Panchkula vide Boards letter No.E(P&A)II-2008/HRA-10 dated 16.05.2011, shall continue to be applicable till the recommendations of 7th CPC are considered by the Government

5. These orders shall be effective from 01.04.2015

6. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

( Salim Md. Ahmad )
Deputy Director/E(P&A)II,
Railway Board.

AS “X”
AS “Y”
2ANDHRA PRADESH/TELANGANAHyderabad (UA)Vijayawada (UV), Warangal (UA), Greater Visakhapatnam (M.Corpn.), Guntur (UA), Nellore (UA)
4ASSAMGuwahati (UA)
5BIHARPatna (UA)
6CHANDIGARHChandigarh (UA)
7CHATTISGARHDurg-Bhilai Nagar (UA), Raipur (UA)
10DELHIDelhi (UA)
12GUJARATAhmadabad (UA)Rajkot (UA), Jamnagar (UA), Bhavnagar (UA), Vadodara (UA), Surat (UA)
13HARYANAFaridabad* (M.Corpn.) Gurgaon*(UA)
15JAMMU & KASHMIRSrinagar (UA), Jammu(UA)
16JHARKHANDJamshedpur (UA), Dhanbad (UA), Ranchi (UA), Bokaro Steel City (UA).
17KARNATAKABangalore/Bengaluru (UA)Belgaum (UA), Hubli-Dharwad (M.Corpn.),Mangalore (UA), Mysore (UA), Gulbarga (UA)
18KERALAKozhikoda (UA), Kochi (UA), Thiruvanathapuram (UA), Thrissur (UA), Malappuram (UA), Kannur (UA), Kollam (UA)
20MADHYAPRADESHGwalior (UA), Indore(UA), Bhopal (UA), Jabaipur (UA), Ujjain (M.Corpn).
21MAHARASHTRAGreater Mumbai (UA), Pune (UA)Amravati (M.corpn.), Nagpur (UA), Aurangabad (UA), Nashik (UA), Bhiwandi (UA), Solapur (M.Corpn.) Kolhapur (UA), Vasaivirar city  (M.Corpn.), Malegaon (UA), Nandad-Waghala (M.Corpn.), Sangli (UA).
26ODISHCuttack (UA), Bhubaneswar (UA), Raurkela (UA),
27PUDUCHERRY (PONDICHERRY)Puducherry/Pondicherry (UA)
28PUNJABAmritsar (UA), Jalandhar (UA), Ludhiana (M.Coprn).
29RAJASTHANBikaner (M.Corpn.), Jaipur (M.Corpn.) Jodhpur (UA), Kota (M.corpn.), Ajmer (UA)
31TAMIL NADUChennai (UA)Salem (UA), Tiruppur (UA), Coimbatore (UA), Tiruchirappalli (UA), Madurai (UA), Erode (UA).
33UTTAR PRADESHMoradabad (M.corpn.), Meerut (UA), Ghaziabad* (UA), Aligarh (UA), Agra (UA), Barcilly (UA), Lucknow (UA), Kanpur (UA), Allahabad (UA), Gorakhpur (UA), Varanasi (UA), Saharanpur (M.Corpn.), Noida* (CT), Firozabad (NPP), Jhansi (UA),
35WEST BENGALKolkatta(UA)Asansol (UA), Siliguri (UA), Durgapur(UA)
*Only for the purpose of extending HRA on the basis of dependency.

Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) for the month of August, 2015

AICPIN for the month of August 2015

No. 5/1/2015- CPI

DATED : 30th September, 2015

Press Release

Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) – August, 2015

The All-India CPI-IW for August, 2015 increased by 1 point and pegged at 264 (two hundred and sixty four). On 1-month percentage change, it increased by (+) 0.38 per cent between July, 2015 and August, 2015 when compared with the increase of (+) 0.40 per cent between the same two months a year ago.

The maximum upward pressure to the change in current index came from Food group contributing (+) 1.57 percentage points to the total change. At item level, Arhar Dal, Masur Dal, Groundnut Oil, Mustard Oil, Beef, Milk, Onion, Garlic, Brinjal, Parval, Peas, Coconut, Tea (Readymade), Electricity Charges, Barber Charges, etc. are responsible for the increase in index. However, this increase was restricted by Rice, Wheat, Wheat Atta, Fish Fresh, Poultry (Chicken), French Beans, Potato, Tomato, Cooking Gas, Petrol, etc., putting downward pressure on the index.
The year-on-year inflation measured by monthly CPI-IW stood at 4.35 per cent for August, 2015 as compared to 4.37 per cent for the previous month and 6.75 per cent during the corresponding month of the previous year. Similarly, the Food inflation stood at 3.55 per cent against 3.21 per cent of the previous month and 7.63 per cent during the corresponding month of the previous year.

At centre level, Jharia reported the highest increase of 9 points followed by Ludhiana (7 points), Kodarma and Labac Silchar (6 points each). Among others, 5 points in 6 centres, 4 points in 11 centres, 3 points in 7 centres, 2 points in 17 centres and 1 point in 15 centres. On the contrary, Goa centre recorded a maximum decrease of 4 points followed by Mundakayam and Ernakulam 3 points each. Among others, 2 points decrease was observed in Quilon centre and 1 point in 4 centres. Rest of the 10 centres’ indices remained stationary.

The indices of 36 centres are above All India Index and other 42 centres’ indices are below national average.

The next index of CPI-IW for the month of September, 2015 will be released on Friday, 30th October, 2015. The same will also be available on the office website www.labourbureau.gov.in.

(I. S. NEGI)

02 October 2015

Update on Bonus Hike : Rs.3500 to Rs.10000 Good news expected soon

As per reliable sources, Election Commission has given it's nod for issuing ordinance on "Payment of Bonus Act"
Now the matter will go to cabinet and after it's approval, necessary ordinance will be notified soon.
Earlier Govt. decided to raise the ceiling of Rs 3500/- per month to Rs 10,000/- per month.

Source - paycommissionupdate.blogspot.in