04 March 2012

Fresh information on Car sales through CSD

The Deputy DirectorateGeneral  Canteen Services (DDGCS) at the QMG’s branch has  issued a fresh letter reiterating the ban of car sales through CSD on account  of budgetary constraints.

The letter issued on 22 Feb  2012 however states that despite the ban, thedirectorate has been authorized  to grant permission on case to case basis andfor this a special ‘Car  Sanction Cell’ is being established.

TheCell would be manned by a  Section Officer who would be available on telephonenumbers (011) 23092563  and 23093572.

Irrespectiveof rank, anybody who is desirous of buying a car through CSD can  apply to the DDGCS with an application with the following particulars :

(a)  Date of car last  purchased from CSD

(b)  Reasons for requirement of the specialsanction

(c)  Make and Model of the  car required

(d)   Name of depot from where the car is required

Source - indianmilitaryinfo