CSD price for L.G. LCD, LED, PLASMA TV

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Index no
Brand name & Model no
22496 LG BRAND LED TV 22 LV2130 14203
22497 LG BRAND LCD TV 26 LK 332 17726
22498 LG BRAND LCD TV 32 LK 322 21816              
22499 LG LCD TV 42 LK 430 40905
22500 LG LCD TV 32 LE 5500 51927
22502 LG PLASMA TV 42 PT 350 31247

The above list of TV prices may vary from depot to depot and  the individuals are asked to confirm the price and availability of concern item in their near by depots or Unit Run Canteens.

*prices may vary form depot to depot  or URC.        
CSD price for L.G. LCD, LED, PLASMA TV CSD price for L.G. LCD, LED, PLASMA TV Reviewed by Admin on 2:09 PM Rating: 5


  1. Thanks providing for this information about the Best LED Television and LCD TV also.

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful info. In India there is only way to get the TV without tax that is csd canteen and even I also prefer to buy TV from canteen stores. Lg Tv in India price which is not high as compare to its features.


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