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08 September 2011

Fixation of pay under restructuring of cadre of Artisan staff in Defence Establishment as per modification of recommendations of 6 CPC

Important Circular

Office of the Principal Controller of Accounts (Fys)
10-A, SK Bose Road, Kolkata: 700001
No. Pay/Tech-II/04/2011/15


1) All Controllers of Finance and Accounts ( Fys)
2) All Br. A.Os

Sub:- Fixation of pay under restructuring of cadre of Artisan staff in Defence Establishment as per modification of recommendations of 6 CPC
        After restructuring of cadre of Artisan staff vide MoD letters No. 11(5)/2009-D(Civ-I) dated 14-06-2010 and 01-12-2010 references have been received from various Branch Accounts Offices regarding fixation of pay. Following clarification may be noted for compliance:

Issues   Clarifications
 A: How pay will be fixed 

(i) In respect of skilled workers
 under RPR’08 w.e.f. 01/01/2006
due to restructuring. 

(ii) On promotion from Skilled to
Highly Skilled after 01/01/2006
 (i) Pay of Skilled workers is to be
fixed in PB-I as per the fitment table
for the scale of Rs.3050 - 4590
 and Grade Pay of Rs.1900/- is to
 be allowed. 

(ii) Promotional benefit in the form
of increment @ 3% shall be given
 on Band Pay and Grade Pay of Rs.1900/
- on promotion to the grade of
Highly Skilled-II after 01/01/2006, in
addition HS-II Grade Pay of Rs.2400/- is
 to be allowed.

 B : How pay will be fixed
 in respect of the individuals
who have become HS-II
w.e.f. 01/0112006 due to

 Pay, which they were drawing
as Highly Skilled would be the
pay of HS-II and that pay
would have to be revised
under RPR 2008 in PB-I
as per the fitment table
for Rs.4000-6000.
In addition they
will be allowed
 Grade Pay of Rs.2400/-
w.e.f. 01/01/2006. 

This placement would not
 count for the purpose of
ACP/MACP as per MoD
order dated 20.06.2011.

 C : How pay will be fixed in
 respect of the individuals who
 have become HS-I w.e.f. 01/01/2006
due to restructuring.
 Before 01/01/2006 HS-I and HS-II
 were merged into one single grade
 i.e. H.S.(Pay Scale: 4000- 6000)
As per MoD order No.11 (5)/2009-D
 (Civ -I) dated 14/06/2010 HS worker
 have been divided into HS-II
(Grade Pay of Rs.2400/-) and HS-I
 (Grade Pay of Rs.2800/-) w.e.f.
 01/01/2006. Movement from HS-II
 (4000-6000) to HS-I (4500- 7000)
is a promotion. 

Since SRO 11E dated 28/08/2009 has
 split up HS workers into HS-II
(4000-6000) and HS-I (4500- 7000)
 w.e.f. 01.01.2006 and the movement
from HS to HS-I has been treated as
 promotion as per MoD No. dated 14.06.2010.
 it is viewed that promotional benefit under
 pre-revised scale of pay i.e. from 4000-6000
 to the notional scale of 4500-7000 is not
to be allowed. 

The pay will be fixed under RPR’08 as per
 fitment table corresponding to pre revised
scale of 4000- 6000/- and thereafter,
 promotional benefit in the form of increment @ 3%
 shall be given on pay in the Band pay and Grade
 Pay of Rs.2400/- on promotion to the grade
 of Highly Skilled-I on or after 01/01/2006.
 The Grade Pay of HS-I i.e. Rs.2800/- is to be given.

 D : How pay of H.S already holding
the post of MCM prior to 01.01.2006
 will be fixed on 01 .01 .2006 due to
 Their pay would be fixed as per
Note 2A below Rule 7 of CCS RP
 Rule,2008 i.e. by multiplying the
 existing basic pay as on 01.01.2006
by a factor of 1.86 and rounding off to
the next multiple of Rs. 10/-.
 If the minimum of the Pay Band-2
 is more than the amount arrived
at as per above, the pay shall be
fixed at the minimum of the PB-2.
The Grade Pay corresponding
 to the post of MCM i.e. 4200/-
in PB-2 will also be allowed.
 E : Whether Bunching increment
benefit as per Min. Defence notification
 dated 09/09/2008, has to be
given to the employees who were
 drawing pay between Rs.4500/-
 to Rs.5000/- as on 01/01/2006
since they will be fixed at the minimum
 of the pay band of RS.9300/- 
 Benefit of bunching increment
 may be considered as per provisions
 laid down below Rule 7 (A) (ii)
notification of CCS (RP) Rules 2008.
 F: Whether on IE who was
placed to MCM before 1-1-2006
 and promoted to MCM on 1-1-2006
 is eligible for 3rd MACP with
 grade pay of Rs.4600 after 30 years
on the plea that he was granted only
 two up-gradations in his entire
 service i.e. skilled to H.S. and
 H.S. to MCM. 
 Yes. Such MCM is eligible for
3 MACP with GP 4600 after
30 years of service if found
otherwise eligible, as they got
two promotions prior to 01/01/2006 ie.
 Skilled to HS and HS to MCM.
But those IEs who were not placed to MCM
 before 1 -1-2006 are not eligible for
 3 MACP because such persons have got
 or shall get promotion from skilled to H.S. II,
from HS-II to H.S-I and H.S I to MCM.
 So, there is no scope for 3rd MACP up-gradation.

2. However, it is opined that in all aforesaid cases, the individuals may submit their options for fixation of pay as mentioned in MoD order dated 14/06/2010 and arrear may be calculated based on option of the individuals.

Jt. C. of A. (Fys)

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