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19 March 2011

Entitlement of various types of accommodation based on the revised pay scales recommended by the 6 th CPC

D.O.No.AIRF/116 Dated: March 7, 2011
Dear Shri A.P. Mishra Ji,

Sub: Entitlement of various types of accommodation based on the revised pay scales
recommended by the 6 th CPC

Ref: Railway Board’s letter No.2008/LMB/10/16 dated 28.2.2011

Consequent upon acceptance of recommendations of VI CPC, group `D’ classification has been
abolished and all the group `D’ staff have been upgraded to group `C’ allotting GP Rs.1800.
AIRF raised the demand to revise Allotment Rules with the Railway Board and the staff placed in
GP Rs.1800 in group `C’ should be made entitled to type II quarters. This issue was also raised by us with
the Railway Board in the PNM as well as DC/JCM meeting vide item Nos.59/2006 and 14/2009.

We also appreciate the orders issued by the Railway Board vide letters No.2008/LMB/10/26 dated
20.4.2009 and 29.10.2010, wherein Railway Board directed the General Managers of the Indian Railways
to review construction of type I quarters over the Indian Railways and clearly stated that henceforth no new
proposal for construction of type I quarters should be processed by the Zonal Railways and Production
Units. Moreover, all the proposals for replacement of type I quarters, wherever due on age-cum-condition
basis should be for replacement with type II quarters instead of type I quarters.

Now, the orders of the Railway Board, issued vide their letter dated 27.01.2011, have taken a
divergent view by stating that the staff with grade pay equal to or less than GP Rs.1800 will be entitled for
type I quarters.

Your kind attention is also drawn towards my earlier letter dated 2.2.2011(photocopy enclosed),
wherein we pointed out that the entitlement of GP Rs.1800 must be for type II quarters because now they
are group `C’ staff and as per Railway Board’s policy, Railways are not going to construct any type I quarter
in future and moreover existing type I quarters will also be converted into type II quarters under Modification
Plan in phased manner. The reply of the Railway Board, received in reply to our letter ibid dated 2.2.2011,
has not only surprised us but also causes much worry and anxiety on the `U’ turn taken by Railway Board,
where now they have clearly mentioned that the employees working in GP Rs.1800 will be entitled only for
type I quarters.

We are very much shocked to point out that in this progressive regime where all the staff working in
GP Rs.1800 have been provided with the facility of Privilege Pass which has entitled them to travel in AC 3-
Tier, the stand taken by the Railway Board is totally divergent to the views of the Railway Ministry.

2.We, therefore, earnestly request you to kindly call for the whole case and clarify to the General
Managers of the Indian Railways and Production Units that the entitlement of all the staff working in GP
Rs.1800 will be type II and implementation on the same can be in a phased manner as has already been
clarified by the Railway Board in their earlier letters.
In case Railway Board still have some problem or confusion, we would like to discuss this issue
personally with you and Member Staff, Railway Board.
With kind regards!

Yours sincerely,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
Shri A.P. Mishra,
Member Engineering,
Railway Board,
New Delhi


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